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Being able to locate, secure and control data makes life easier for those having to carry out DSARs and anyone responsible for information security.

Locate it, secure it, control it.

Our three-step process for protecting your data:
Locate your data

Having the ability to find your sensitive data quickly is essential; not only for its protection, but also for responding to DSARs in time. Guardum’s solutions rapidly locate sensitive information held specifically in unstructured formats, whether on premises or in the cloud

Secure your data

Once the data has been located it can be protected through anonymization. This involves encryption and the masking (or redaction) of personally identifiable information. Both of these are key to compliance with global data regulations including the GDPR and CCPA.

Control your data

Guardum provides ultimate control over the information you hold. This extends beyond the digital world to hard copies of data, which can be scanned with the help of approved partners and subsequently classified using Guardum tools. Information necessary for a DSAR can be instantly gathered, enabling an expedient response.

Take our challenge to see how much a DSAR costs your organization:
Average DSARs per month?
Less than 10
10 - 30
More than 30
Number of FTEs (full time equivalent people) processing DSARs?
Less than 5
5 - 10
More than 10
Average annual salary for FTEs processing DSARs (£)?
Less than £20k
£20k - £30k
More than £30k
Average number of documents per DSAR?
Less than 10,000
10,000 - 30,000
More than 30,000
Size of company?
Less than 1,000
1,000 - 5,000
More than 5,000
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The ultimate in Data Subject Access Request tools

GuardumDSAR™ is the only product on the market that fully meets the DSAR data processing challenge, through semi-automating the process of finding personal information and redacting it responsibly within the 30-day deadline.

Our bespoke solution makes responding to a DSAR quick and simple by using our proprietary Ufoundme™ technology to locate sensitive information on individuals, even if they are unknown.

Guardum technology scans millions of pages of your documents to single out every field required for redaction, conducting hundreds of hours of human work in seconds.

Using GuardumDSAR, your team can spend less time and resources on DSARs to focus on more productive tasks.

Guardum PI Protect™

Personal information protection on an enterprise scale

Guardum PI Protect finds personal information in unstructured files (documents, email archive etc.) and provides key data analytics that feed into an organization’s overall Data Privacy Impact Assessment.

Our algorithms calculate risk based on how sensitive the personal information is and the proximity to the data subject, enabling you to prioritize protection requirements.

Guardum PI Protect then automates the data protection process by applying either a redaction mask or anonymization if the native file is available.


THE digital mailroom app

GuardumDigitalMail is a standalone digital mailroom app that integrates with your existing scanning software and applies personal information classification, risk rating and protection.

Physical documents pass through the software in seconds.

Personal information is then located, extracted and held in protected form — enabling it to be easily processed, secured and controlled.